Update 04, May 21, 2006  LAST   NEXT

Well, Iím finally getting around to Update 04. It has been such a busy 2 weeks. As at some time in the near future I expect to be surrendering most of my domestic chores to Lisa and her mom, who landed here on the 16th, Iíve been finishing the odd task here and there such as dismantling Samís swing set after being up since her 4th Birthday, getting into the spirit for Samanthaís 20th birthday and Motherís Day as well as getting ready for my stay at the hospital. Iíll be bringing my computer system with me and likely an electric guitar (no amp, but I have a gizmo that will enable sound via headphones) but with all the daily testing and monitoring Iím really not sure what kind of time I will have for much of that that kind of activity not to mention how Iím going to feel, physically. I am optimistic, though and still hopeful that Iíll be able to get connected to the internet. I still donít have an answer on that subject. There are a couple terminals on the floor, however.


Iím trying to get this update finished and sent out before the Groves, the Gallant-Norrings, and Ashby and Julie get here for our Ďyard bee/BBQí. Nat & the boys are here as well as Betty (Lisaís mom). Estelle sent over a lovely bouquet of roses yesterday and was just over for a bit this morning with her famous pumpkin loaf. Yummm! Speaking of food, I am on a high calorie/high protein diet, so I am just pigging out. Junk food is even OK as long as Iím getting all the other good stuff the body needs. I have had to surrender to the fact that the partial denture I had refitted a week or so ago just ainít gonna cut it. That is, I canít allow the possibility of it lacerating the tissue in my mouth anymore as it has several times already. So, itís going back to the denturist. My last bloodwork indicated that I need potassium pills and I also have a prescription for Codeine which likely will be required for pain relief (bone, mostly) while Iím on the Stem Cell Mobilization regime which will begin either on the day of Central Venous Catheter insertion (May 24) or the day after.

aybe thereís more but I am being beckoned to start participating in the work thatís going on outside.


Thanks yet again for all the great vibes, prayers and support. It is spreading wider every day, believe it or not, even to Rome! (No, not the PopeJ) Thereís quite a story in that one. Maybe later.