Update 06, May 29, 2006  LAST   NEXT 


Thanks again to all of you for your continuing love & support. I am continuously hearing stories of masses being said on my behalf, different groups rooting for me and individual words of encouragement while I go though this battle. And a battle it is getting to be. My tongue was fairly inflamed this weekend and I have been feeling pretty lethargic likely due to the Neupogen injections. And now, I am starting to feel some of the bone pain which Iíve been expecting but havenít had. No codeine yet, though. Iíve had a persistent cough since Thursday which this morning I was told was likely due to some fluid in the lungs. I had blood work done this morning, first time using the CVC. Pretty slick. My blood counts were not high enough to go ahead with the apheresis, so I had another Neupogen injection and was given a double dose for injection tonight. I also had a chest x-ray and CVC line cleaning and change of dressing. Lisa and I will go again for 7:15am tomorrow for my bloodwork to see if itíll be a go.


Until next time, take care everyone. You are fantastic!