Update 09, June 7, 2006   LAST   NEXT                                                         

Tomorrow is a large day at the BMT clinic at the TBCC. Ten hours large. I get to bring snacks and a lunch. And a book. And a CD player. And a laptop PC (Lisaís). And a few CDs & DVDs.  It all begins around 7:30 AM. I expect there to be some blood work, weighing (important Ė to help monitor fluid retention), vitals, etc. Before the Cyclophosphamide (chemo drug) is administered I will be started on an IV of a drug called Mesna which is to help relieve bladder irritation as well as Kytril (Granisetron) to prevent nausea. Fun. Then a very slow drip of the chemo. I donít know what time that will begin. Thereís going to be a major balancing act to maintain proper function of the heart, kidneys and bladder due to constant required hydration and undesirable fluid retention and it will need to be a cautious Ďsteady as she goesí scenario. Cross your fingers and say an extra prayer for this one, please. I have to say I am a bit nervous.


Iíll be taking two 1mg tabs of Kytril per day Friday and Saturday (nearly $25 a pop) and 1 -2 5mg tabs of Prochlorperazine each to control nausea and vomiting. Jesse asked me yesterday ďwhy donít you just get some Pepto-Bismal?Ē father's day Uh, yeah, OK. If only it were that simple.


So there you go. Iíll be posting some JPGs soon as well as a few thank - yous for the fantastic letters and prayer cards, etc that Iíve been receiving in the mail lately. You guys are truly awesome! As Iíll be lying pretty low for the next while I should have some productive home time on my hands. It begins! Again.


Last weekend was great. It was wonderful to see Millie, Danny and Donna, and the Calgary Childrenís Choir Strawberry Tea/Concert/Awards Ceremony was excellent. A special thanks to Donna P for all the great Blues DVDs, CDs and books she brought to the concert for me to take home and enjoy over the next while. Some collection! And itís always a treat to have Sam home.


I said in the last update that I have a new look. Well, itís changed again. A month ago I had Lisa cut my hair Ė the first trim in about 3 years. It was long. Lisa did up a braid and that was cut off and put away in a Ziploc. Then I had a hairdresser even things up. Saturday night Jesse and Sam gave me a Mohawk! Then on Sunday morning I shaved the whole thing. So Iím a baldy! I have some fuzz up there now and it will be interesting to see what kind of chemo-induced hair loss will result from this round.


Iíll be back.