Update 10, Sunday, June 11, 2006  LAST   NEXT                                           


Lisa and I got to the BMT at 7:30AM on Thursday and I took my spot at a station in the corner of the unit to get hooked up to the IV machine. The first course was saline for hydration, then Kytril, Mesna and finally the Cyclophosphamide which was a two hour drip. Up front I was told that the numbers had been crunched to get the balance right. No problems all day although while there although I gained over 2 kg body fluid despite an extra 40 mg Lasix administered being that the saline was always running. Mesna was added again about 30 minutes before we left at about 5:00PM.  In the morning I also finally had the sutures removed from the CVC exit site. Ill continue to wear a transparent dressing over it until the removal of the whole thing, I expect in about 4 months.


Its a small world. Get this. Sometime during the morning the guy in the station next to me called Lisa by name! He (Shane) turned out to be the son of a lady (Deb B) whom Lisa used to work with way back around 1998 at Stacs Records Centre!! Not only that, but his treatment and schedule are identical to mine!!! So, well be seeing each other a lot. He has testicular cancer, though. This ABSCT treatment appears to cover a lot of medical ground.


I had been experiencing a series of connected side-effects since about 8:30 PM that night which have thankfully diminished. Gas bubble at the top of the stomach > hiccups > coughing. Not fun but pretty well back to normal now. I have been feeling quite tired overall so consequently Im getting some good sleeps. And no barfing good anti-nausea drugs albeit maybe they have their own attendant side-effects. The lesser of two evils. All in all its been a quiet, restful weekend. The good vibes/prayers, etc worked!


Special thanks to Lynn R & family for the balloons and visit (along with her daughter Sam our former next door neighbours) this aft J