Update 14, Friday, June 30, 2006  LAST   NEXT   


The final stem cell count collected is 224 million. This amounts to approximately 3.7 million/Kg of body weight which fits within the parameter of 3 - 5 X106 stem cells per kg. So, I'll be getting all of it. This was explained to me on Tuesday by Dr. Bahlis.


There has been a slight alteration to my treatment plan. I was at the TBCC from 10:30am to 2:45pm, mostly waiting for things to happen. Go figure. I expected to have the first of a series of Kepivance injections but when I got to Unit 57 (scheduled on Tuesday for today) and saw Dr Chaudhry, I was told they would start on Monday. Then, after unscheduled bloodwork, yet more chest X-Rays and a sinus swab (don't ask), I was told they would begin on Sunday, July 2. Kepivance is another growth factor drug in this case to boost cell production of the oral mucosa (lining of the mouth) thereby reducing the side effects of a very sore mouth and tongue caused by the Melphalan. This is brand new stuff, just recently approved for use in Canada, and MUST be administered by a physician. I am a candidate for this treatment because of the effect of the amyloids in my system. I'll have these injections, actually a 'push' into a CVC line for three consecutive days then three more starting on July 8, the day after transplant.


These last few days have not really been much for r & r for me as there always seems to be so much to be done. By me. I guess I'm my own worst enemy. I really am feeling the effects. Besides the fluid retention issues I also seem to be suffering, at times, of some hay fever. A lot of sneezing, coughing and blowing of the nose. No fever or sore throat, though.


By the way, while Lisa and I were there at the BMT, I noticed some little hairs on the pillow that I'd been resting on. It has started so on Wednesday I shaved it all off. It grew about 1/4 inch since my last 'trim' on June 4 but is starting to grow in again except for a few little spots on the back of my head.


Enough for today. With the exception of those three 'pushes' things should be fairly quiet until I check in at Unit 57 next Wednesday.