Update 16, Sunday, July 23, 2006  LAST   NEXT 


It appears that I've run the gauntlet - of mobilization, apheresis, chemo, stem cell transplant and most of all, my incarceration at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. That was four days of confinement without a shower or mirror, a solid three being tethered to a heart monitor due to several episodes of atrial fibrillation, the first being right after a very pleasant visit with Roger and Margit on Friday evening. No window to the outside, just glass sliding doors where I could see the admin desk and its goings on. It had been determined that the best place for me last Sunday was the CICU because there was no way to monitor my heart condition close enough and administer certain meds on Unit 57. So, mid-afternoon on Sunday a crew came in to pack up all my things and put them into 'storage'.  That looked pretty dicey so Lisa, on her own, loaded most of my stuff into her car. My condition had stabilized by Wednesday and I would have been moved back to U57 except that here wasn't a bed available so I had to put in another 24 albeit without the tether. I was without my computer but at least I had cable TV and FM radio. Free!


Is it ever great to be back. And in the same room as before. I decided not to re-hookup the phone as I was told that I would likely qualify for day passes soon. That would mean that I could possibly go home during the day and overnight, essentially moving out. It hasn't happened yet and at this point the only likely day will be today 'cause Lisa won't be at her office. We don't think that it would be OK to be home alone on say, Monday, but, you never know. On Friday evening, however, I got to get out to go for a bit of a drive with Lisa. Refreshing!


So, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. What a trip! Blood counts are on the rise, I'm starting to eat and I'm feeling pretty good except for this cough which is likely caused by the edema. The objects at this point seem to be to slow the heart rate, reduce fluid retention and get some meat on my bones. I have just started to wear full-length compression stockings and have a physio regimen in place.


Again, thank you so much for your positive thoughts and prayers. Hopefully my next update will be from home. I'm nearly there!