Friday, August 25, 2006  Update 18,   LAST   NEXT                                               

Well, it's been a month since I was discharged from Unit 57and have been home. I guess I am way overdue for an update so here it is, finally.

As they say, no news is good news. I have been feeling quite well with the exception of mild Atrial fibrillation and my ongoing fight with edema which at times has really dragged me down. But there's a light on the horizon. I've been going back to the BMT twice a week until last week and was seeing Dr Chaudhry and currently, Dr Bahlis, once a week. The usual bloodwork, mostly to find that balance of diuretics/potassium. Things have more or less settled on that point although I have just started taking a potassium supplement (liquid - the WORST taste!). Last  Friday I went to the Cardiac Function Clinic at the Peter Lougheed Centre for an appointment with Leslie Reed who has been the liaison between me and the cardiologist, Dr Connelly. This past Tuesday  I had a Pulmonary Function test..

So, on Friday I had my Lasix and Spironolactone dosage upped a bit and the results are visible. Also, Dr Connelly suggested (via Leslie) that I should have a Cardioversion, SOON,  to halt the Atrial Fibrillation! That's "The Zap". It was prescribed for Wednesday, if a bed was available at the PLC. It was, so I was there from 9:00AM until 4:00PM with the procedure happening around 1:00PM. I was briefly sedated (out cold) and when I awoke, it had been done and Lisa was sitting on a chair by the bed. So, I had a successful conversion of my heart to sinus (regular) rhythm, running at  a normal 72 BPM or so. It had been typically over 100. I am told that I'm going to feel a lot better as the heart has regained some of it's function especially related to getting rid of that fluid buildup in my legs. We'll see whether I can now cut back on the diuretics and consequently solve the low potassium issue.

Activity-wise, things are getting almost back to normal. I have a great appetite, am driving, shopping (not in any malls) puttering around the house, preparing and cooking meals and Lisa and I have been out to a concert (Neville Brothers) and a bar (Beat Nik - no smoking!!). Again, things are progressing very well. It has helped that Jesse hasn't been around with her various demands but I do miss her although she is having a wonderful summer having done the Japan trip and nearing the end of almost a month in PEI with Nan and Grampy and various cousins, etc  coming & going.

I have been typically going to the BMT every Tuesday so that's coming up. After that it's the second and last Tuesdays in September when I'll be having the three month assessment which will include several tests including another bone marrow aspirate biopsy and an echocardiogram. At some point between now and then I expect to have the CVC line removed. That's been in for over three months now.

I was expecting more hair loss as an after effect of the chemo but it has only affected my head and face. Recently, I have noticed little white spouts on my face so it appears to be growing back! I was hoping it might come back darker but, what the hey! Maybe it will upstairs but I won't hold my breath.

I'll try to not take so long getting to the next update. Take care everyone, and thank you so much for caring about me,


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