Update 20, October 5, 2006     LAST   NEXT                                           

Lisa and I saw Dr Bahlis Tuesday morning and to paraphrase him, "I'm happy with the test results". The echocardiogram showed no change from the last one meaning the amyloid - caused thickening of the heart wall has stopped, and the pre-transplant light-chain amyloids in the system have decreased by a factor of 10! Good news. Next step, Dr Kryski and emphasis on cardiac treatment. I'll be seeing him on October 17 and, among other things, I expect to find out whether I need to continue with the ant-coagulation clinic regarding concerns about my INR count. If not, I expect to have the CVC line removed the following week. (The end of weekly bloodwork visits at the BMT clinic).

There's nothing more to report at this time. Things appear to be going as expected, so far. Next update in a couple weeks.


PS. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have a lot to be thankful for and your concerns, prayers and good vibes are at the top of my list (besides the obviously fantastic care from the physicians and staff at the TBCC).