Update 24, May 1, 2007            LAST   NEXT                                                                               

  • March 28. Dr. Bahlis. Free light chains holding within normal parameters. Because my potassium and sodium levels are a little low the Lasix dosage was reduced to 40 + 20 mg/day. At my request I am now taking the 50mg Thalidomide every second day. He prescribed a cardiac MRI which has been set for June7.

  • April 3. Leslie Reed - Cardiac Function Centre, PLH. I was taken off the 2.5mg Metolazone, the 'kick start' diuretic. It was decided I wouldn't need to return until after my appointment with  my cardiologist Dr Kryski on June 12.

  • April 6. My weight jumped! It's been typically ~125 lbs and in just a few days hit 131. That demon edema. All fluid around my ankles. So I started back on the earlier normal dosage of Lasix (40 +40) and restarted the Metolazone. Within a few days my weight was again back to normal.

  • April 9. Dr Reikie, prosthodontist. Impressions of my upper and lower jaws were done for review regarding dental implants/lower denture.

  • April 25. Dr Bahlis. It's nearly a year to the day (April 26) since I first met Dr Bahlis and the wheels were set in motion for my journey back to life. What a year it has been! Anyway, my bone marrow free light chain levels are lower still than from the last test! Great news. Everything is looking pretty good at this time. No further ill effects from the Thalidomide.

  • April 25. Dr Reikie. I was explained my options. At one end it involves removal of my remaining 9 teeth, six titanium post implants and a subsequent prosthetic installation. He speculates tongue reduction surgery would also likely be required. A whole lot of grief and lots of bucks so that I can properly chew raw veggies, nuts and the like once again. At the other end is to 'do nothing'. As I understand it, the next step would be to have a consultation with an oral surgeon who would be the one to do the teeth removal and implants and ostensibly the tongue reduction. The possibility of continued flaring of my teeth from this goddamn fat tongue appears to be a major issue. I really don't want to go through a year or likely more of that kind of shit. Not at my age (59). Hopefully there's some middle ground that hasn't yet been discussed. Stay tuned.

Generally speaking, I've been feeling really good. My legs and arms are definitely getting stronger. A year ago I had given up the prospect of ever having a garden in the backyard again. That's changed. I'm into it now. Also, despite my eating impairment, I have been starting to enjoy cooking once again. Thank you 'The Food Network'! And it is SO uplifting for the days to start getting longer, warmer and sunnier! It really does make a difference on the psyche. My next appointment - May 23 with Dr Bahlis.

March 30, 2007. I shaved the beard off later that day.