Update 25, May 25, 2007            LAST   NEXT                                                                               

                                                            One year ago today treatment started with my first injection of G-CSF aka Stemgen.

  • May 22. I spoke with Dr Reikie's  office today. It appears he will not consider a 'middle ground'. In my opinion he can't be bothered with this type of challenge. So my quest for molars continues.

  • May 23. Dr. Bahlis. Free light chain levels are the lowest ever. Everything is looking pretty good except I have had a painful to touch swelling under my left nipple(!) and I told him about it. To be prudent he prescribed a mammogram(!!) and an ultrasound.

  • May 24. I had the mammogram today and 'everything is OK'. So I didn't need the ultrasound. A report will go to Dr. Bahlis. Yesterday he had said it could be a side effect of the Lasix. I will be seeing him again in 4 weeks as per usual