Update 26, June 20, 2007            LAST   NEXT                                                             

  • June 7. Cardiac MRI at Foothills Hospital

  • June 12. Dr Kryski. Everything is 'perfect' that is, my condition is what he was expecting it to be by this time. We discussed, at my behest, the possibility of discontinuing the Amiodarone being that there have been absolutely no signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) since the Cardioversion last September. He had not yet received the MRI results so we will go over that next week when I go to the Cardiac Function Centre at the PLH. We will further discuss the Amiodarone at that time as well as the Lasix dosage.

  • June 14. The Village Square Clinic called to tell me I could come in anytime for my first series of immunization shots.

  • June 15. The first session of shots began today. I had four out of five, two on each shoulder.

  • June 18. I saw a denturist, Michael Seles, for a consultation today regarding a partial lower plate. I think I have finally met the one who will take up the challenge to achieve the results I want/need. I will go for preliminary work next week.

  • June 18. I went in for the last shot and was told that they had mistakenly given the first shots prematurely on Friday and I would have to wait until after July 7 for the last one of this series.

  • June 19. Bloodwork and 24 hour collection urinalysis at the TBC Lab. Dr. Bahlis told me I was in complete remission! No proteins in the urine and no evidence of any further infiltration of amyloids in any organs including the heart. He had the MRI results and the heart wall has maintained a thickness of 12 mm, normally considered to be from 10-12 mm. The mammogram from May 24 showed no tumours or cancerous growth. So the swelling is likely a side effect of my treatment and /or medications especially the Lasix. I may be able to cut back there (again) as my weight has been quite stable, ie: no edema.