Update 27, June 24, 2007            LAST   NEXT                                                            

  • June 21. I saw Dr Kryski and he showed me several images from the cardiac MRI on a computer monitor. The picture resolution would have been better at his own PC at Foothills but I still could see what's really happening in there. The amyloid proteins have infiltrated the whole heart but the evidence of the damage is localized scar tissue. If left untreated the amyloids build up the result of which is an ongoing thickening of scar tissue which is irreversible, That causes the heart to keep stiffening until it can no longer beat. In my case this has stopped. It makes me wonder how many people have died this way of 'heart failure' where the actual cause is undetermined. Fortunately for me my heart is now functioning normally. So I will not need to have another MRI scan for a year. As far as the Amiodarone for the AF condition goes Dr Kryski wants me to stay on it for another six months. If there continues to be no loss of sinus rhythm by that time I will able to stop taking it. He also told me the breast growth is a side effect of Spironolactone not Lasix so my dosage has been cut to 25mg daily. Next up - a few visits with the denturist Mike Seles, a general physical with our GP, Dr Adatia, and Dr Bahlis in August.