Update 28, December 16, 2007            LAST   NEXT                                                            

Here it is - almost 6 months since my last update and it's nearly Christmas! So, there's some catching up to do. As they say 'no news is good news'. Well, I had a minor set back about  3 weeks ago. I had been intermittently feeling not quite right in the (middle of the) chest for several days but wasn't too concerned as I thought it was maybe just indigestion or whatever. But then on a Friday afternoon as I was walking to a bus my heart started pounding quite fast and after a few minutes on the bus it went out of sync. I contacted the Cardiac Function Centre and with the assumption that Atrial Fibrillation had come back I was told to get back on Amiodarone which I had discontinued at the end of September and Warfarin (Coumadin) which I'd been off since February (stroke prevention). It was also suggested that I might go to Emergency for another Cardioversion(!!) but I decided to leave that decision for the morning. When I woke up my heart was in sinus rhythm again but for now I have to continue with the new (old) meds.

Thing's have been pretty routine since June. I did finally get my partial lower denture in July. I'm selective as to when I use it but it works as well as can be expected.  My weight has been very consistent and I have had no edema.

I had a fantastic, relaxing, stress free nine days in Saskatchewan in July and visited with relatives and some old friends in Regina and Saskatoon. A jam session was put together in Regina and it was a blast! I also went to Manitou Lake and Resort outside of Watrous. There's a fantastic old dance hall there called Danceland where I had played many gigs and a lake of water so salty you cannot sink. There is also a spa which had gone through several renovations over the years. I used to go there many times when I was a kid. The heated mineral spring water pool there is about the most luxurious hot tub you could ever imagine. Heaven! Highly recommended.

Because of that AF blip I've had to have numerous blood tests for INR levels to determine my Warfarin dosage. I've also recently had an Echocardiogram and a Pulmonary Function test as well as a full blood chemistry test. Because of the Echocardiogram Dr Bahlis wanted to see me again which is this Wednesday, Dec 19. I will be seeing Dr Kryski the day after. So after those exams I should have a better picture of my status. I was feeling pretty crappy for awhile surrounding the day of that blip but things are pretty well back to normal (for me) now.

I sat in at a jam session at Mikey's Juke Joint about a month ago, a few days before my trouble started. That was great. My guitar chops are coming along really well. Feels pretty good!

So, Season's Greetings to all and all the best for 2008!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!