Update 30, June 7, 2008          LAST   NEXT                                                            

I continue to take Zaroxylin on a discretionary basis, about twice a week based on my weight. There've been few if any symptoms of edema. On April 24 I had the CBC bloodwork done (fasting). The only thing amiss was a slightly elevated cholesterol level.

There's nothing new to report regarding personal psychotherapy or the CTV Medical Watch program interview potentiality.

The May 2 visit with Dr Kryski was postponed until next Tuesday, June 10, as there was no point in seeing him before the cardiac MRI which took place this past Monday, June 2. I've been to see Dr Bahlis on May 7 (actually Stephanie, the Practicing nurse) and June 4, this past Wednesday. The results of the prior bloodwork for free light chain levels are within the normal range and I've been off Thalidomide!. So, it appears that's over. I hope so. However, my potassium level was low this time and I had to endure an unexpected 1 hour hookup to the IV machine for a 10 cc Potassium drip. It turned out to be 5 1/2 hours at the TBCC. I also had to take a double dose of my K solution at home. I've decided to test the results of a drop to half my daily Lasix dosage. Ostensibly that should cut down on my loss of potassium in the system. We'll see. It's such a juggling act. I'll take it up with Dr Kryski next week.

Several weeks ago I received a call from a 67 year old lady in Edmonton who after many tests for her condition had finally gotten a diagnosis of Primary Systemic Amyloidosis. At the time of this, our only conversation, treatment was pending. Keep the faith, Natella. My thoughts are with you.

I love music. I listen to CKUA FM radio (93.7, Calgary; www.ckua.com) nearly all the time at home and in the car. Just a great variety of quality stuff. I'm always getting turned on to new artists, songs and interesting bits of information. It's public radio so they have a fund raising drive twice a year. You can make donations of whatever you like or subscribe as you would to a magazine, etc. We've been subscribers for about 10 years but this time we decided to 'buy' a one hour's worth of programming. It's the 'Nine to Noon' program hosted weekdays by Lionel Rault. He will be contacting me prior to the broadcast on June 18 from 10 -11 AM when we will discuss requests and dedications. I thought that this would be a great forum to briefly touch on the topic of Amyloidosis. I intend to dedicate the hour to the Canadian Amyloidosis Support Network (www.thecasn.org). So, TUNE IN!

So, at this stage of my remission/recovery, all systems are go. It's just taking a long time to gain strength & endurance. But I keep moving. Got to.

Until next time..