Update 31, July 11, 2008          LAST   NEXT                                                            

I went to see Dr Kryski for my June 20 appointment and when I arrived I was told that I was early - by a MONTH! Dumb. One of those 'senior' moments.

This past Monday was the second anniversary of my transplant. ReBirthday #2. I saw Dr Bahlis on July 2. Potassium level was at 3.8 so it appears my experiment with Lasix dosage has been successful. The reading last month was 2.9. My weight has gone up slightly, though, by about a pound. No noticeable ill effects.

While at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre to see Dr Bahlis I thought that I would visit Gary, the Amyloidosis patient I met at the CASN meeting back in April. I was guessing he would be in treatment at Unit 57.  At the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic I asked whether he was up there but they wouldn't - couldn't tell me one way or the other. FOIP! So I just went up to Unit 57 and asked to visit him and sure enough he was there. They recognized me at the front desk. They checked with Gary and it was OK for me to visit. We chatted for about 20 minutes. He was at Day +12. As far as I could tell things were looking good and he is well on the road to recovery. I also had a nice chat with Drs Chaudhry and Zacharias.

I had a bit of an accident on Friday (July 4). It was a short slip on the step of the back landing in the house. I whacked my left foot on the edge of a step and it really hurt. Late in the evening I took a T3 for the pain and in less than an hour later while watching TV I had an episode of fibrillation. Right away I took 200 mg Amiodarone. When I got up the next morning things were back to normal but I took another 200 mg anyway. From then on I went back to my normal regimen.

 I saw Dr Kryski, Leslie and Jennifer at the CFC at the Peter Lougheed yesterday. Everything is looking good. Dr Kryski told me that my recovery is a big success. Because of the AF episode I will be having a test for residual Amiodarone levels in the bloodstream and, as a precaution,  a walk on the treadmill to see where I'm at regarding age related angina. Les will be booking those appointments and I'll expect to get the dates in a few days.

This morning I had my 24 month immunization booster shots for all but MMR and VZ. I will be getting those upon Dr Bahlis' referral at a later date. Then I will be done with that!