Update 32, November 8, 2008          LAST   NEXT                                                            

The success story continues.

Yesterday, on the third anniversary of my tell-tale Echocardiogram, I did a treadmill stress test at the Cardiovascular lab at the Rockyview Hospital under the supervision of Dr Kryski. I lasted for 6 1/2 minutes getting to a heart rate of 130 bpm. I was winded and my legs were aching afterwards but there was NO chest pain and I stayed in sinus rhythm. This is all very positive. I now know that I can safely engage in activities that may bring my heart rate to the 115 - 120 bpm range.

There's more. On November 4 I had a BNP (Brain natriuretic peptide) test at the Peter Lougheed CFC. The normal range for heart function is 099 picograms per milliliter SI units. My reading was 42. No heart failure present! And, as I have mentioned before, I have had no blood pressure problems.

I have had all my immunization shots except for the second VZ (chickenpox) shot. I will get that in 10 days. Then the re-immunization program will be complete. I've had my seasonal flu shot as well.

In late September I was allowed to cut back on my Lasix dosage to 20 mg/day due to a potassium (K) reading of 4.6. I also cut back the K supplement to 15 ml/ day and discontinued the Zaroxylin. On October 22, due to a potassium reading of 4.4, I was given the go ahead to discontinue the Lasix altogether. I have had no edema and my weight has been steady around 60 kg (132 lbs). As a result of these great test results I can discontinue the K supplement pending the results of my next bloodwork which will be in a couple weeks at which time I will be seeing Dr Bahlis again. Those visits are now every 2 months. At this point my meds are down to 25 mg/day Spironolactone, 200 mg every 2nd day Amiodarone, 81 mg ASA and 7.5 mg at bedtime Zopiclone.

Since my last update, however, I have had two bad colds, the first being worse. After 3 weeks I am still suffering some ill effects from the second, mostly being a runny nose at times.

Besides the upcoming bloodwork, on December 11 I am scheduled for another Echocardiogram and have been advised to have an eye test.