Update 33, December 22, 2008          LAST   NEXT   


Still feeling pretty good despite yet another (4th this year) cold. This one is not too bad. The new immune system continues to learn and be put to the test, I guess.

Since the last update Spironolactone has been altogether discontinued. I had the echocardiogram on the 12th. Everything looks pretty good except there is still some restriction attributable to the damage that had already been done. All in all it's as good as one could expect and full remission continues.

I still continue to go to the jam sessions at Mikey's Juke Joint most Saturday afternoons. Very therapeutic in many ways. I have uploaded some of the performances to my YouTube sight Kazoovatory

That's about it for this year. More routine exams scheduled for January. After that I expect they will be fewer and farther in between.

Have a great 2009!