Update 34, July 7, 2009          LAST   NEXT                                                            


Things have been relatively uneventful since the last update. I had an Echocardiogram in December which showed nothing amiss. When I last saw Dr Kryski in January he said "see you in a year". So, all is good on the cardio front. About that time the 25 mg daily Spironolactone was discontinued. No more diuretics.

I will be seeing Dr Bahlis next Wednesday, the 15th, when I'll get results of the bloodwork which was done yesterday. As of the last checkup protein and free light chain levels have remained normal. Full remission continues.

Other than a couple bad colds suffered during the winter and ongoing general fatigue I've been feeling fairly normal. My average weight for the last year or so has been ~127 lb (57 kg) with no edema from occasional sodium ODs.

 A special  THANK YOU to those who have remembered this, my 3rd 'ReBirthday'.